A revolutionary new concept of navigation. Real views of the real world on your navigation screen based on numerous modeling data and real-time rendering.
A true high quality 3D navigation, providing you with information and easy to understand directions.
3D Navigation goes beyond providing directions. By rendering realistic views of the route, the navigation
delivers information and many sights to the driver.
The 800x480 high resolution maps incorporate elements never seen before on navigation devices.
  - Easy to understand accurate directions through realistic images
  - Intuitive POI (point of interest) information provided
  - Offers driver view, a feature not possible in 2D
  - 3D real view/360 rotation view allows a view of the entire map at a glance
480x272 resolution (common product) 800x480 resolution
(ThinkNavi /Thinkware product)

3D Navigation is developed on real images allowing the driver
to easily understand the road and its surroundings accompanied
by directions. Experience the difference of mere directions
and 3D Navigation's comprehensive navigation.

Thousands of landmark buildings and facilities are available.
Landmarks are faithfully rendered, and the ThinkNavi screen/direction movement functions allow you to view
the building in detail. The functions provide a view of the entrances and exits, parking lots, and nearby buildings.

3D Navigation provides a realistic map of road facilities (road signs) and surroundings (soundproofing walls, center divider), as well as the sky, river, and ocean in 3D.

Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and time (dawn, day, evening, night) are reflected.
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