A revolutionary new concept of navigation. Real views of the real world on your navigation screen based on numerous modeling data and real-time rendering.
A true high quality 3D navigation, providing you with information and easy to understand directions.

Various view modes

3D technology provides various view modes. Drive View provides a view from inside the car, Bird’s View from the air in the direction you are headed, while Top View provides a view from a vertical position 90 degrees above, and Dual View provides the Bird’s View and Top View simultaneously. Easily switch between the various modes 3D Navigation has to offer even while driving.

View mode from the driver’s perspective. It provides easy to understand directions with realistic rendering of the route even through complicated intersections or difficult turns. This mode provides close range imagery with a ‘mini-map’ for large scale route information.(Mini-map is a top view and is only usable in the Drive View mode.) Surrounding areas of the road are realistically expressed on screen as the car is moving. In Drive View mode, realistic directions are provided by rendering imagery driving through tunnels, soundproofingwalls, and central dividers.

Displays the driving direction in 3D space. The Bird’s View name follows after the display which resembles the perspective of a flying bird. This display mode is the easiest to see the area surrounding the road.

View from a vertical position above looking down. The map of this display mode maintains 3D form as well as the buildings, straightforwardly providing route and surrounding area information on screen.

Utilizing the two view modes, both close and long range route information can be viewed on screen. (The map level of the view mode can be adjusted separately.)

3D technology provides various view modes. The navigation software incorporates 10 years of development know-how. The software is easy to understand and operate, optimized by constantly reflecting user needs.
No GPS signal? In areas with no GPS signals, our navigation uses its unique G sensor technology to continuously provide directions by tracking the car's movement.

When directing through intersections or turn points, the screen is divided to provide a simple image of the direction you must head towards

Information on intersections or turn points provided with real images.ds

The 3D view angle is automatically adjusted at complicated intersections for easy navigation (in Bird’s View mode).

Turn points at intersections or for direction changes are displayed using easy to understand graphic elements.

The 360 Degree rotation view mode of ThinkNavi allows you to see the surroundings of the location you are searching for.

3D technology provides various view modes. 3D Navigation utilizes a user interface optimized through numerous usage tests. The device is easy to operate with software optimized for providing directions.

1 Changing MapMode
Fixed Mode, Rotation Mode, 3D Mode

2 Land Information
Guides the direction of the lane information

3 Safety Camera
Shows the location of safety cameras on the road.

4 Route Guide Symbol
Indicates the driving direction in a crossroad with
/by a blinking arrow.

5 Safety Camera Information
Shows the Safety Camera’s type, remaining distance
and your car’s speed.
Goes to the menu screen. You can activate all the menus
with this menu icon.

7 Navigation Info Change
Shows the location information on the centre of the map
screen by road information,
longitude and latitude, speed and TMC information.
Each information item can be displayed by pressing this icon.

8 Route Guide Symbol and Remaining Distance
Shows the route guide symbols and remaining distance.

Search Options in many convenient ways
Various search options such as route by address, recent, favorite, Postal Code, coordinates, and POIs based on current location, specific city or name of facilities. Set your home address as "HOME" option and easily search the route to your home wherever you are.

Various search options such as route by address, recent, favorite, Postal Code, coordinates, and POIs based on current location, specific city or name of facilities. Set your home address as "HOME" option and easily search the route to your home wherever you are.

Quick Re-Searching
The quickest automatic rerouting in case you're off the route.

Customize search methods for your needs
Check your route summary information and simulating route. Search routes by shortest or fastest options, including or excluding motorways or toll gates.

Set the place you'd like to drop by
Stop by your favorite place on the way to your destination with the Via-Point option.

Real time traffic information - Efficient Route Planning
Real-time traffic information can be received by adding TMC receiver to your ThinkNavi Device TMC / Premium TMC service

Safety camera information
Speed limit Camera Database Speed Section Control Camera Red light camera information Widest Coverage

Tunnel Mode
Route guide is still possible when GPS cannot be received in tunnel. Route is calculated automatically considering speed of your car with tunnel distance and displays current status.

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