All-in-one Navigation
Beginning with "iNavi PRO" in 2004, ThinkNavi provided a series of standalone
fully-packaged navigation systems including
iNavi K2(3D Navigation), iNavi G1+, iNavi ES100, iNavi ES200, iNavi G1,
iNavi ES, iNavi STAR, iNavi Smart, iNavi UP+, iNavi UP, iNavi Pro+,
and iNavi Pro. Based on its technological evolution, ThinkNavi is now creating
new business segments for navigation systems in multimedia
and convergence markets.

Navigation Software
ThinkNavi has been engaged primarily in developing navigation software. Furthermore, our research and development continues to innovate to provide the most advanced navigation software with easy-to-use multiple search functions, valuable add-in functions (for example mp3 player, DVB-T, movie player), pinpoint accuracy POI search, and many others.
ThinkNavi's Research and Development team will continuously devote itself to provide the best navigation software such as POI, Search engine, Additional Function.
LBS generally refers to the systems and services utilizing fundamental
navigation technologies to locate people or objects regardless of time and location.
ThinkNavi utilizes LBS to provide various navigation services such
as Smart Navigation and PNS in connection with mobile services
and communication systems. Examples of mobile
services offered are our online Friend Finder service, real-time traffic
announcement service, pedestrian guidance service, mobile map service,
and location-based entertainment service.

iNavi On is the name of our telecommunications service using proprietary
high-speed telecommunication algorithm technology.

- I-Navi ON preserves in full all the functions of I-Navi navigation.
- This service offers real-time traffic information for city (Seoul) streets, highways,
and national roads.
- We offer I-Navi ON service fitted to various needs and usages of businesses
and corporations.
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