Since 1997, the iNavi software has been developed and upgraded for PDA and PND products, currently with 5 million users. User needs have been continuously reflected on the product, and 3D Software was developed utilizing new technology. The ThinkNavi 3D software which accurately recreates scenery supports various view modes and displays buildings, roads, road signs, rivers, oceans, and the sky amongst many other elements providing easy and accurate information. 3D software can be used on devices with 3D accelerators. The artificial intelligence engine provides directions and POI information, blending splendid visuals while still providing core navigation features.

Full 3D Display
A true Full 3D-realized navigation. Optimum map is offered to drivers through full 3D screen.

Real 3D Modeling
Landmarks including buildings, apartments, sports complexes, large bridges, convention halls, and etc. are provided along with 3D imagery of road signs, rivers, the ocean and sky.

Various View Modes
Various drive view modes, previously not possible in 2D navigation systems, including 3D top view, bird view, dual view mode with the top view and bird view one screen are provided.

Advanced Route Guide
It is very easy to catch routes at intersections, highway interchange and others through enlarged vector views and secondary route guides with real picture 3D images.

iNavi created the thin and light Portable 3D Navigation based on unique technology developed over the years. The device has a 450Mhz CPU processing large amounts of data, a 450Mhz GPU along with a 3D accelerator producing 3D displays on screen for real 3D navigation, as well as multi-tasking functions allowing you to use the DVB-T, audio player, etc. simultaneously.

Multicore Processor
The navigation functions and 3D accelerating are separately handled by the CPU and GPU & 3D Accelerator allowing for stable and enhanced performance.

Portable 3D Navigation
The device can be used portably with the internal battery included as a navigation device while walking. In addition, it can be used as an outdoor portable navigation and DVB-T/Video/Audio player.

Powerful Multitasking (DVB-T, Audio Player)
The Multitasking button allows you to use functions of your choice (DVB-T, Video, Audio) simultaneously with the navigation feature.

Gravity / Geomagnetic Sensor
In areas such as tunnels, between high-rise buildings, and overpasses where navigation through GPS signals is difficult, the movement of the car is followed to provide seamless navigation regardless of GPS signals. The gravity sensor detects the altitude of the car’s movement and recognizes directions through overpasses or tunnels, while the geomagnetic sensor detects rotation and acceleration of the car to recognize movement. This device is the world's first PND (Personal Navigation Device) to utilize a G sensor, increasing navigation accuracy and user convenience.

Light Sensor
The light sensor provides increased user convenience by detecting the surrounding brightness, automatically adjusting the screen brightness through the software allowing the driver to see better during the day with a brighter screen, and dimmed at night providing as little disturbance as possible to the driver.

Fast Processor
The 700Mhz AU1250 processor allows quick operation processing and multi-tasking, and playback of high resolution/frame rate movie files.

Samsung 7" touchscreen
A high quality/sensitivity Samsung LCD touch screen is used, with excellent viewing angles and allowing usage irrelevant of temperature change.The high picture quality 800x600 pixel panel and map provides a crisp and clear map screen.

Various product families provided
Holds wide range of device development technology tailored to consumer needs by internally developing product families of various sizes including 7", 4.8", 4.0", and 3.5" devices.

USB devices such as external USB hard drives can be connected to the device. External hard drives allow you to view various movies, music videos, etc.

Use as a TV in the car, or outdoors. Full screen and window screen (PIP, simultaneous use with navigation) supported.

Audio Player
Yamaha 3D audio chip (EQ supported), MAVEN surround technology utilized for excellent sound quality.

Video Player
HW codec supports various movie formats including AC3 and H.264 (smi format subtitles supported/no additional encoding necessary).

Hands-free function using Bluetooth

Auto Volume Control (AVC)
Automatically adjusts volume based on car speed (more than 60km/h) AV-in for rear view camera AV-in port provided for a rear view camera, DVD, camcorder, etc. while providing an option which automatically detects AV-in signals and changes modes

FM Transmeter
Use car speakers to hear navigation sounds

High Sensitive GPS & Intenna type GPS Antenna
Applies SiRF-Star III with a high reception rate

Remote Control
Control main ThinkNavi functions

Use outer control buttons to control multi-tasking, volume, channels, etc

Internal Battery
Portably use device with internal batteries

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