I-Navi ON is the name of our telecommunications service using proprietary
high-speed telecommunication algorithm technology.
Enjoy all I-Navi navigation functions and services as before through monthly
updates and by paying an inexpensive fee. Also, initial equipment costs are very low,
you can receive convenient real-time information on traffuc and driving safety.

<Main Features>
Minimizing Initial Purchase Costs! Maintaining the High Quality of I-Navi Services
For as low as 3,500 KRW a month, you can use I-Navi to access route and driving
safety information, make theme searches, and much more without the need
for any separate navigation kit.

Using our proprietary high-speed telecommunications algorithm technology,
telecommunications fees (packet fees) are minimized thus freeing users
from expensive costs.

Receive instant updates for all data excluding search data and driving safety zones.

Without the need for any separate receiver, you can apply for and receive real-time traffic information
for desired areas (city, highways, national roads). In addition, receive route information that incorporates
this real-time traffic status.

I-Navi ON preserves in full all the functions of I-Navi navigation.

Best Route Information to Any Destination
- Even searches alleyways and one-way, one-car roads
- First system in Korea to allow up to four searches simultaneously
- Automatic re-gauging of route after any break from the original route

Real-Time Route Announcements

Offering of a Variety of Additional Functions
- Various screen views (normal 2D/3D/Highway mode)
- Map color-changing function
- Display of subway station entrances/exits individual apartments
- Simulator

This service offers real-time traffic information for city (Seoul) streets, highways, and national roads.
- Shows the traffic situation related to the route information and displays degrees of jams
  and congestion in different colors.
- Provides text messages of traffic conditions in key areas, allowing users to easily confirm
  traffic information.

We offer I-Navi ON service fitted to various needs and usages of businesses
and corporations.
Offer solutions for logistics, freight, delivery, substitute driving, call taxis, insurance, security, etc.

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