2007-08-23 ChannelPartner(Germany) Press Release
ChannelPartner Test Logo2007
ThinkNavi has been approved by specialty dealers in Germany with good evaluation during Channel-Test-Day Navigation Event gaining the Channel-Test-Logo for ThinkNavi UZ, in advance to entering the European market.

Eschborn, 19, July 2007 – ThinkNavi participated in the Channel-Test-Day Navigation Event held on June 28, 2007 at Berlin-Charlottenburg, sponsored by ChannelPartner, a business media magazine owned by IDG [International Data Group], world's leading technology media, research and event company. During the Channel-Test-Day Navigation, major navigation players such as Garmin, Navigon, Medion, Navman participated in the event to introduce their product and solutions to 40 up to 50 specialty dealers, as well as ThinkNavi, preparing to enter the European market. The participants were able to receive instant feedback during the event and through the test drive, the participants got to know the quality of their products.  
2008-03-31 Press Release
Sieben-Zoll-Display und TV-Empfang: Das ThinkNavi T7
2007-11-27 News
ThinkNavi UZ 4GB Western Europe
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ThinkNavi to penetrate Europe navigation market with differentiated strategies
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ThinkNavi comes to Germany
2007-08-23 ChannelPartner Press Release
ChannelPartner Test Logo2007
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