2007-08-23 Press Release
ThinkNavi comes to Germany
Ultra-light navigation device with entertainment character
Premiere at the IFA Berlin – Hall 8.1 Booth 104

Eschborn, August 22, 2007 - ThinkNavi, the Korean market leader in the field of portable navigation, now introduces the new UZ [`yu:s] for the first time on the European market. The ThinkNavi UZ is an elegant, ultra-light navigation device with an entire range of sophisticated entertainment qualities. The feature highlights include: free dynamic route guidance using TMC, preinstalled map material on a 4GB SD card and such multimedia features as an audio player, an e-book reader, a video player and an image viewer. This combination transforms the device into a multi-functional companion that can do so much more than simple navigate from point A to point B.

In terms of navigation, this device has some particularly “UZful” functions, which include 3D viewing, night-driving mode, different and individually adjustable zoom stages and the extremely quick re-calculation of new routes if the originally recommended route has been left. The highway mode, which indicates the next service centers and filling stations along with the distances they are away, is a real highlight. And for its map material, ThinkNavi has placed its trust in market leader NAVTEQ, who reliably delivers the very latest in map data (Last update: Q2 2007).

With multi-format capability, ThinkNavi scores big points in the entertainment department. The integrated media player is able to play back MP3 as well as WMA and WAV files, while the video player supports MPG, WMV and DIVX or XVID formats.

The developers placed a special focus not only on the technical features but on the design of the new ThinkNavi device as well. In addition to its very flat shape (22mm), the three colors it is available in (amethyst black, opal gray, garnet red) are very elegant eye-catchers. The outstanding workmanship of the portable all-rounder and the use of top-quality hardware components (CPU and a glare-free TFT LCD from Samsung, a vehicle holder from HR, a TMC antenna from GNS) round out the overall agreeable picture and satisfy even the most exacting demands.

Availability, prices, what’s in the box, guarantee, updates: The ThinkNavi UZ will be available from leading retailers in Germany starting in September 2007. Prices will vary, depending on the feature package included. The entry-level model, equipped with regional map material, is already priced starting at € 249 (recommended retail price including sales tax). The top-of-the-line model, with a TMC-Pro antenna and map material for Western Europe (23 countries) costs € 349 (RRP incl. sales tax). In addition to the map data on SD card and DVD, the package also includes an SD memory card reader, charging cords for a regular power outlet and the cigarette lighter and an in-vehicle holder.

In order to regularly provide customers with the latest map information, updated software and the newest functions, upgrades have been planned for every 6 months. It will be possible to upload these upgrades via the card reader and SD card on Windows PCs.

ThinkNavi provides a two-year guarantee for all these products. Telephone and e-mail support is available at: 0180 5 333211 (14 ct/min from a German landline) or at info@de.thinknavi.com

*Including a life-long license

About ThinkNavi:
ThinkNavi is the global brand marketed by the Thinkware Systems Corporation with its head offices in Seoul, South Korea. Thinkware Systems Corporation has been a leading supplier of portable navigation solutions and location-based services on the Korean market since early 1997 and currently has a market share of approximately 45 percent. The company develops the hardware as well as the software for all the ThinkNavi models. The Thinkware Systems Corporation currently employs 366 people worldwide, 173 of whom are technicians in the field of research and development alone.

ThinkNavi at the IFA:
From August 31 to September 5 this year, ThinkNavi will be presenting the new ThinkNavi UZ at the IFA, the Ultimate Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, Germany. The ThinkNavi booth will be located in Hall 8.1, Booth No. 104.
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