2007-08-23 Press Release
UZful Navitainment: ThinkNavi UZ
ThinkNavi enters Western Europe

Eschborn, Germany (ThinkNavi GmbH), August 6, 2007 – ThinkNavi is introducing the slim and handy "ThinkNavi UZ" to the European market: a compact, ultra-light navigation device with entertaining features like MP3, E-book, Video Player and Image Viewer, wrapped up in a stylish design (100 x 77 x 22 mm, ca. 155 g) and available in 3 outstanding colors. Additional features such as Real-Time Traffic Information and 4GB SD-Card with the pre-installed seamless WE map material turns this device in a multi-functional companion.
Upgrades for the ThinkNavi UZ will be available twice a year to provide the customer with most updated maps, improved software and latest features.

ThinkNavi is the global brand of Thinkware Systems Corporation, located in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Thinkware Systems Corporation is the leading provider of navigation and LBS solutions for the automotive and mobile device industries since early 1997 and the No.1 market player among the navigation market with almost 50% of market share in Korea.
With its own in-house developed navigation systems, covering hardware as well as its own software, Thinkware/ThinkNavi is using its successful market know-how for now entering Western Europe, introducing the portable navigation device ThinkNavi UZ.

ThinkNavi UZ will be available throughout Western Europe starting from August 2007.
ThinkNavi provides various options of packages (options of with/without Real-Time Traffic Information(TMC), map of seamless Western Europe, and Regional map) which will be between approximately EUR 269to EUR 369 to fit the requirements of its users.
2008-03-31 Press Release
Sieben-Zoll-Display und TV-Empfang: Das ThinkNavi T7
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ThinkNavi UZ 4GB Western Europe
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2007-08-26 News
UZful Navitainment: ThinkNavi UZ
2007-08-26 News
ThinkNavi comes to Germany
2007-08-23 ChannelPartner Press Release
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