2007-08-23 Press Release
ThinkNavi to penetrate Europe navigation market with differentiated strategies
BERLIN, Germany (AVING Special Report on 'IFA 2007') -- <Visual News> ThinkNavi presented its 3.5-inch portable GPS navigation device ‘UZ’ during IFA 2007, penetrating European GPS navigation market with differentiated strategies.

To enhance brand recognition, ThinkNavi firstly set up a strategy named ‘Pick-up Service’ which is a fixing service by post, featuring a long-distance coverage within a short period of time. The company also utilizes authentications certified by renowned IT media to increase its market share. For example, the company took part in a test held by ChannelPartner, a German IT magazine, and received ‘Good’ in an integrated evaluation of hardware and software for the first time as an Asian company.

A company official said that the UZ chose 3.5-inch size that is a main trend in European market and supports mp3 and video files playback to preoccupy 5% of early adapters who are interested in multimedia functions contained in 3.5-inch GPS navigation devices. 

Aving News 09 10 2007
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ThinkNavi to penetrate Europe navigation market with differentiated strategies
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2007-08-23 ChannelPartner Press Release
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