2007-08-23 Navi Magazine(Germany) Press Release
A real newcomer

ThinkNavi UZ
Test: A real newcomer

Tested by the “Navi Magazin” ThinkNavi’s portable navigation system “Thinknavi UZ” was rated “very good” and was especially recommended by the editorial team. According to the author of the test, the device convinces through its handy and light body, its fast hardware, its large amount of maps and especially through its well thought-out software. It is said that the latter offers a fast definition of destination, rapid calculation processes and precise instructions during the journey. Especially the motorway-mode was liked very much, who shows only relevant information and therefore avoids distraction..

“What a newcomer! The ThinkNavi UZ convinces with all its features! The light and compact case includes a speedy hardware, a large amount of maps and above all intelligent and perfected software. The software enables a fast target search, a fast calculation of the route and exact instructions. Very positive is the intelligent motorway mode which substitutes unimportant with relevant information.”


- large amount of maps
- intelligent motorway-mode
- fast calculation processes
- lots of multimedia functions

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