2008-03-31 Auto-News.de(Germany) Press Release
Sieben-Zoll-Display und TV-Empfang: Das ThinkNavi T7
Sieben-Zoll-Display und TV-Empfang: Das ThinkNavi T7 Bildschirm kann auch während der Navigation als Fernseher benutzt werden

Eschborn, 25. März 2008 - Halb Navigator, halb Fernseher: Das ist das ThinkNavi T7. Das portable Navigationssystem in schlichtem Design verfügt über ein Display in außergewöhnlicher Sieben-Zoll-Größe und besitzt zudem einen integrierten Empfänger für das digitale DVB-T-Fernsehen.

2007-11-27 Computer Bild(Germany) Press Release
ThinkNavi UZ 4GB Western Europe
‘ThinkNavi UZ 4 GB Western Europe' has a restrained Bordeaux red metallic case with a loop for a carrying strap. With a screen-diagonal of only 9 cm the small navi from Korea fits into the shirt pocket. If it is activated, different buttons designed in comic style are illuminated, which’s meaning is not immediately developed. Entering of addresses becomes due to the small buttons like fumbling around. Using the included stylus pen makes it easier. Regarding the routing there was less to expose. The TMC Pro traffic alerter worked straight, but did not warn against persons driving on the wrong side of the road. Following the train of thoughts: On highway stages the UZ is showing upcoming roadhouses or – even if only – journey data.
2007-11-06 Navi Magazine(Germany) Press Release
A real newcomer
Tested by the "Navi Magazin" ThinkNavi's portable navigation system "Thinknavi UZ" was rated "very good" and was especially recommended by the editorial team. According to the author of the test, the device convinces through its handy and light body, its fast hardware, its large amount of maps and especially through its well thought-out software. It is said that the latter offers a fast definition of destination, rapid calculation processes and precise instructions during the journey. Especially the motorway-mode was liked very much, who shows only relevant information and therefore avoids distraction..
2007-08-26 News
ThinkNavi to penetrate Europe navigation market with differentiated strategies
BERLIN, Germany (AVING Special Report on 'IFA 2007') -- ThinkNavi presented its 3.5-inch portable GPS navigation device ‘UZ’ during IFA 2007, penetrating European GPS navigation market with differentiated strategies.
2007-08-26 News
UZful Navitainment: ThinkNavi UZ
Eschborn, Germany (ThinkNavi GmbH), August 6, 2007 – ThinkNavi is introducing the slim and handy "ThinkNavi UZ" to the European market: a compact, ultra-light navigation device with entertaining features like MP3, E-book, Video Player and Image Viewer, wrapped up in a stylish design (100 x 77 x 22 mm, ca. 155 g) and available in 3 outstanding colors. Additional features such as Real-Time Traffic Information and 4GB SD-Card with the pre-installed seamless WE map material turns this device in a multi-functional companion.
2007-08-26 News
ThinkNavi comes to Germany
Eschborn, August 22, 2007 – ThinkNavi, the Korean market leader in the field of portable navigation, now introduces the new UZ [`yu:s] for the first time on the European market. The ThinkNavi UZ is an elegant, ultra-light navigation device with an entire range of sophisticated entertainment qualities. The feature highlights include: free dynamic route guidance using TMC, preinstalled map material on a 4GB SD card and such multimedia features as an MP3 player, an e-book reader, a video player and an image viewer. This combination transforms the device into a multi-functional companion that can do so much more than simple navigate from point A to point B.
2007-08-23 ChannelPartner(Germany) Press Release
ChannelPartner Test Logo2007
ThinkNavi has been approved by specialty dealers in Germany with good evaluation during Channel-Test-Day Navigation Event gaining the Channel-Test-Logo for ThinkNavi UZ, in advance to entering the European market.
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