I-Navi UZ
Portable navigation device

Thinkware Systems Corporation
Seoul, Korea, South

Thinkware Systems Corporation
Hyo Mi Ahn Suk Won Kim Eun Ho Choi
Seoul, Korea, South

I-Navi UZ is a portable navigation device (GPS)
with our own digital map and software
(called I-Navi Map)
developed in Thinkware Systems Corporation.
I-Navi UZ has lots of functions, for example,
guiding routes to the destination or giving warning
of safe drive area to drivers. It also provides options
for games and MP3 player with internal

Brand for Korea : I-Navi
Brand for Europe/America : ThinkNavi

- iF design award 2008
- 3.5" 320x240 touchscreen LCD
- 400 MHz CPU / Invisible GPS Antenna, Intenna type SiRF III GPS
- Internal Battery
- 3 Colors – Amethyst Black, Opal Gray, Garmet Red

- Map of all Europe (45 countries)
- Text & Voice guidance in 20 languages
- Safety Camera Database included
- Unique Motorway Mode for your convenient drive
- TMC (optional)

- Video Player
- Audio Player
- Picture Viewer
- E-Book
- Multi-tasking Function

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