- Navigate and watch TV at the same time
- Full screen / PIP: Navigation + DVB-T
- Indoor and Outdoor Overview desiged

- Automatic Booting
  T7 will activate/deactivate automatically if the power is on/off.
- 500 MHz CPU
- Intenna type(invisible) SiRF III GPS
- 6 Buttons / Remote Control
- 1.5W x 2 Stereo Speaker
- AV-in port / USB Host (2.0)
- HR(Herbert Richter) Car Mount

- User Interface
- DVB-T mode / Multitasking mode
  * Easy to change Channel, Volume
    (screen, button, remote control)
  * DVB-T mode : Full screen
  * Multitasking mode : window screen / full screen

- Navigate and watch TV at the same time
- Full screen / PIP: navigation + DVB-T
- Indoor and Outdoor reception

- My favorite Channels
- EPG (electronic program guide)
- High performance Tele Text support

- 45 seamless European countries
- Safety Camera Database included
- Unique Motorway Mode for your convenient drive
- Navigation Software: ThinkNavi v1.7
- TMC (optional)

Map of all Europe included (44 countries)
- Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France,
Germany, Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein,
Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino,
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City,
Channel Islands, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Belarus,
Serbia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Hungary,
Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia,
Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Montenegro

Voice guidance in 20 languages
- German, British English, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish,
Finnish, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech,
Hungarian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Turkish, Russian, Serbian, Greek

Motorway Mode - Special Assistance
Easy-to-understand user interface
Smart symbols on map display
13 zoom in/out levels

Search Options in many convenient ways
Useful search methods such as Home and Postal Code options
Precise location coordinates and route searches
Fast route calculation country-to-country
Customize search methods for your needs
Set the place you'd link to drop by
Destination setting on the map screen

Real time traffic information
Safety camera database
Tunnel Mode
Real-time voice guide
Remember useful menus for your convenience

“Multi-tasking” refers to the simultaneous use of numerous programs or applications on one system.
* The multi-tasking function is described as follows.
  - To listen to music files while receiving road information:

- Samsung 7” TFT LCD
- 16:9 aspect ratio
- WVGA 800x480 pixels
- Non-Glare Type (SF Coating)

- 32pie, 1.5W x 2, Stereo jack
- USB HOST 2.0
- 24pin interface, AV-In, DC-In
- IR Remote Control
- GPS / DVB-T external port

- CPU: 500Mhz
- 128 MB RAM / 64 MB ROM
- SD/SDHC / MMC memory slot

- 193mm x 119mm x 23mm
- Weight : 460g

- Digital TV: DVB-T
- Video: mpeg4, wmv, avi
- Audio: wav, ogg
- Image: jpg, bmp
- e-book: *.txt files
- Subtitle: *.smi
- Multitasking
* Use comverting programs to compress
original movie size

- Car Mount
- Suction Cup
- Car Charger
- Home Charger
- Remote Control
- SDHC Memory Card(4GB)
- SD Card Reader
- Quick Guide
- Installation DVD
- DVB-T external Antenna

- Option : TMC Receiver

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